They need strong wings to fly

Kids on the back balcony of the Pelion Steam train, Greece, 2009Kids on the back balcony of the Pelion Steam train, Greece, 2009

How does the current economic downturn affect the wellbeing of children? Their future? Governments, schools, parents, all of us should pay more attention at considering the impact of the global economic crisis on children. Without tackling poverty and economic chaos, the future of many of today’s children hangs in the balance. They need to grow healthy and strong wings to fly.


3 thoughts on “They need strong wings to fly

  1. Yes Frieda, it’s something I think about a lot these days, with bad times here in Greece. This is why we the adults have to try under all conditions not to let the dire economic situation push us so far down that it’s all we can think about, and we forget that our innocent young ones should not be dragged into the stress and anger and frustration that the parents are going through. I think that kids can cope with a lot, if only the family life is calm and stable. We the adults must not let our peace of mind be so disturbed by what’s going on around us, no matter how difficult that might seem.

    1. Great comment Frieda and very good reply from esme. I also have been thinking about this a lot as I have two small ones and wondering if and how I should explain anything to my 5 and a half year old.

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