Where questions don’t have answers

May you have a wonderful New Year! Enjoy the exploration of the arts, where questions don’t have answers, but just offer up more questions and challenges.

Joseph Beuys was a German-born artist active in Europe and the United States from the 1950s through the early 1980s, who came to be loosely associated with that era’s international, proto-Conceptual art movement, Fluxus. Beuys is especially famous for works incorporating animal fat and felt, two common materials – one organic, the other fabricated, or industrial – that had profound personal meaning to the artist.  (more on http://www.theartstory.org)

Felting is an amazing technique with many possibilities. It seems as if felt has gained a curious audience in terms of its potential as a sustainable and easily renewable textile material, given its low-impact and essentially waste-free manufacturing process. Global nomads have known for centuries that wool fibers plus the application of friction allows for a readily customizable and extremely pliable material.


It is truly exciting to see my friend Kari Remus re-interpreting an ancient technology in bold expressions of art and fashion:





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