Preparing for encaustic painting

A new blog look… hope it will lead me to some fresh ideas for new encaustic experiments.


I know it looks like a failed cake, but this is a big piece of beeswax (1.25 kg).  All my encaustic materials are still in another country so I decided to collect and prepare some simple basics to start painting with hot wax again, because I miss it!



You don’t need much to make encaustic medium- The basic ‘stuff’ is made from Beeswax and Damar resin (85/15 %). The damar resin comes in crystal form, and is actually hardened tree sap.



It takes a while to melt, especially the Damar, but in order to speed up the process I’ve put the wax as well as the Damar into a plastic bag and gave it a few good whacks with a hammer. I used oil paint to pigment my medium and prepared 5 colours + transparant.



And now, if you’ll forgive me, I’m off to start pouring, painting and  scrubbing!


4 thoughts on “Preparing for encaustic painting

  1. Hey Frieke, leuk dat je daar terug mee begint! Ben benieuwd wat voor moois het weer gaat worden dikke x Sofie

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