Dutch cat flying with the birds

Some cats have nine lives. This one has propellers after death. Dutch artist Bart Jansen has immortalized his dead kitty, Orville, by turning the stuffed creature into a feline flying machine.

Dubbed Orvillecopter, the remote controlled furry flier was unveiled at the Kunstrai Art Festival in Amsterdam.

Jansen told reporters “After a period of mourning, he received his propellers posthumously.” The artist apparently thought the tribute to his cat, hit by a car, was fitting since the tabby was named for pioneering aviator Orville Wright.

The half cat, half copter is half cute, half creepy. You’ll see the stiffened kitty with propellers attached to its paws, allowing Orvillecopter to go airborne. According to the New York Daily News, the artist teamed with a radio control helicopter expert to create the cat-copter. (Yahoo News)

“Now he is flying with the birds” Jansen wrote in a description of a YouTube video showing the cat-copter’s first flight. “The greatest goal a cat could ever reach!”

Reaction to the “Orvillecopter” has varied from the hugely amused to the downright threatening. The controversy has done the artist no harm in terms of the value of his work. The Daily Telegraph reports that the original value of Orville was €12,000 but the global attention has raised that estimate considerably. “The work has not yet been sold but we have an offer of €100,000 on the table” Jansen’s dealer Geoffrey van Vugt told the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. (www.theweek.co.uk)


2 thoughts on “Dutch cat flying with the birds

  1. Ik kan een hoop hebben en ben niet echt wat je noemt een kattenliefhebber, maar ik heb hier toch wel moeite mee. Zijn kat, zijn kunst, dus hij moet vooral zijn gang gaan, maar geloof niet dat ik er ook maar 1 euro voor over zou hebben, dit in huis te halen 🙂

    1. Als kattenliefhebber vind ik het nogal ‘creepy’, ik zou er nachtmerries aan overhouden… ! Bedankt voor je reactie, ik ben echt benieuwd wat anderen hiervan vinden, vooral nu het zo’n internationale aandacht krijgt..

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