There are dreams that need rest

‘From my silence only my voice is missing’

Antonio Porchia, Argentin poet, Voces, 1943

Watercolour sketch, 2010




Flashback to the future

                                                          Flashback, ink & water paint, 1978

Recognizing what we have done in the past

is a recognition of ourselves

By conducting a dialogue with our past

we are searching how to go forward

This is a Japanese quote I found in the catacombs of my notebook, not sure though if it is a quote from a writer or an artist. As I prefer to always publish the source of something that does not belong to me, I did a little search and Google came up with the name Kyoko Takeda but it seems there are different people with this name….. maybe YOU know him/her?

I keep digging through my artworks from the past because I’m curious about my artistic self from those days. I notice that ‘she’ seemed to be painting a lot more spontaneous, a little crazy and not limited by what viewers were expecting from her and her art

so here’s my decision: I want to go crazy again! 😉