Happy Struggle

I like to share a website that I just discovered. Many very interesting essays about the perception of art and more! See below.


First I want to show you some details of a big artwork that kept my mind busy day and night. I vividly remember my struggle to make this drawing in Chinese ink with a fine pen. A happy struggle though…




Art, far more commonly than is recognized, uses visual metaphor to depict the process of its own creation in the artist’s mind. There are many stages in the conception of an artwork in any media, each with its own specific character. Some, like the initial meditation on a theme, can be relatively passive; others far more active. The process of transforming a mental image into a specific composition can be particularly frustrating and has often been described as a great struggle. We have all experienced at one time or another the agony of a writer as we try to express ourselves in words; artists and composers must do the same with images and sounds. Works of art are not pretty pictures without meaning. They are full of profound thought. The internal effort involved in placing that thought into an image – articulately, concisely and elegantly – can result in a full-scale battle within the psyche. We, the audience, may find that difficult to imagine when the end-result appears so effortless.

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“The bloody chamber and other stories”: New works from Matthew Carey Simos!!

“The bloody chamber and other stories”: New works from Matthew Carey Simos!!

Matthew Carey Simos

Hi all!

I am posting the illustrations I did for a competition organised by the House of Illustration  and the Folio Society which ended in January. Each participant was asked to illustrate three short stories from Angela Carter’s “The bloody chamber and other stories” and propose a binding design. The stories were “The bloody chamber”, “Puss in boots” and the “Company of wolves”. My choice of medium was relief print and at the very beginning I was considering a five colour reduction print. This proved to be impossible due to lack of time and so I decided to go with digital colouring instead.

My long hours of carving were accompanied by the “Gormenghast” audio book, which I highly recommend to anyone who is into the “grotesque” fantasy genre.


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Flashback to the future

                                                          Flashback, ink & water paint, 1978

Recognizing what we have done in the past

is a recognition of ourselves

By conducting a dialogue with our past

we are searching how to go forward

This is a Japanese quote I found in the catacombs of my notebook, not sure though if it is a quote from a writer or an artist. As I prefer to always publish the source of something that does not belong to me, I did a little search and Google came up with the name Kyoko Takeda but it seems there are different people with this name….. maybe YOU know him/her?

I keep digging through my artworks from the past because I’m curious about my artistic self from those days. I notice that ‘she’ seemed to be painting a lot more spontaneous, a little crazy and not limited by what viewers were expecting from her and her art

so here’s my decision: I want to go crazy again! 😉

Check out these talents!

I would like to introduce the work of two young artists, Chloë and Matthew, sister and brother. Both have great artistic talent and the world should see their art!


Chloe Simos, Mandrill 2011 Chloe Simos, ‘Mandrill’ 2011, Lithograph

more at http://chloecarey.blogspot.com/

WaspMatthew Simos, ‘Wasp and orchid’, ink

more at  http://matthewsimos.wordpress.com/