Encaustic experiment



The base is made from an old shirt, I gave it some shape with the help of Powertex, after hardening I applied hot wax, pigments, oil paint and rose stems. I need to make better photos, it will look better on a white background….


Preparing for encaustic painting

A new blog look… hope it will lead me to some fresh ideas for new encaustic experiments.


I know it looks like a failed cake, but this is a big piece of beeswax (1.25 kg).  All my encaustic materials are still in another country so I decided to collect and prepare some simple basics to start painting with hot wax again, because I miss it!



You don’t need much to make encaustic medium- The basic ‘stuff’ is made from Beeswax and Damar resin (85/15 %). The damar resin comes in crystal form, and is actually hardened tree sap.



It takes a while to melt, especially the Damar, but in order to speed up the process I’ve put the wax as well as the Damar into a plastic bag and gave it a few good whacks with a hammer. I used oil paint to pigment my medium and prepared 5 colours + transparant.



And now, if you’ll forgive me, I’m off to start pouring, painting and  scrubbing!

Why can’t we just BEE?

They promote it for bikini waxing but I prefer to use natural beeswax to paint. Recently I also did some experiments with putting wax on a clay sculpture (clay is porous and adheres well to the wax). It took me to further exploration of all kinds of materials, including the leafs of our Magnolia tree. Some experiments (like plastic) did not survive but that doesn’t mean it was valuable to try and see how strong or fragile different materials are.

The beekeeper where I get my wax, gave me a hive which is so fascinating to look at and to realise it has been created by bees.

Masterpiece by anonymous bees, 2011



Fungi, wax on clay, 2011













Wax on magnolia leafs 2011









Sisyphus, Clay/Wax/Magnolia leaf, 2011

Stone face

Stone Face

Been playing with photoshop, you can find the original version of this sculpture ‘Stone Face’ at my Sculpture page, as well as a few other new uploads at the Painting page in the menu.

Somehow I made Stone Face accidentally, had a stone on my outdoor table to prevent my papers from blowing away, had a leftover of clay in my hands and before I realised I was sculpting a face on the stone and assembling the stone to a small rock.

Shellac burn

This is the result of my first experiment with burning shellac into encaustic. An exciting experience. Safety measures required! The shellac is being mixed with alcohol, you apply it on the desired spots of your painting and then lighten it with a match. Immediately it starts burning. Fascinating textures are being developed.  

Flower Power

‘Flower Power’  2011       Encaustic on wooden box  50×50